Adolescent Gynecology

ACOG recommends that an adolescent girl’s first ob-gyn visit occur between ages 13-15. By beginning visits early with the gynecologist, healthy habits can be established, and a plan can be developed for future treatment and preventative care. At this appointment, the physician will obtain a thorough health history, discuss health habits and address any medical concerns. Generally, a pelvic exam is not necessary at this visit.

Prevention truly is the best medicine. Knowing a patient’s family history will help the physician plan for the future. This is also the time to discuss cervical cancer prevention by discussing good health habits and HPV vaccination. This vaccine may be given starting at age 9 through age 26.

It is not uncommon for adolescents to experience changes in the menstrual cycle, for instance, extremely heavy bleeding, irregular periods, and painful periods. At The Center for Women’s Health, our physicians have extensive experience and training in adolescent gynecology.

The physician will look for possible causes of irregularities. These tests may include blood work and ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries. Treatment of changes in the menstrual cycle is most commonly medical. The physician might use hormonal therapy (i.e. the birth control pill) in order to establish regularity to the period.

Another topic that the physician might address is sexual health. This time of development might bring many questions, and our physicians will be there to address issues like STD prevention and treatment and birth control. Teenagers do not have to feel alone when confronting these problems.

Call for an appointment today, and we will help you and your family navigate through this exciting and ever changing time.

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