Yearly Exam


ACOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) recommends that all women have an annual well-woman exam with their OBGYN.  At your annual exam, you might discuss with your doctor screening tests, vaccinations, and counseling based on your individual risk factors, including your age, family and genetic history, lifestyle, and health history.

Some important topics that your physician may discuss with you include:

  • Diet/nutrition
  • Physical activity/exercise
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use
  • Relationship/family abuse and neglect
  • Sexual activity/ sexually transmitted diseases
  • Use of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Contraceptive needs and preconception care
  • Vaccination

A typical well woman’s exam may also include blood, urine, and STD screenings; cervical cancer screening; bone mineral testing; colorectal cancer screening; and testing for cholesterol and blood sugar levels to assess heart disease and diabetes risk.

ACOG also recommends that adolescent girls first ob-gyn visit occur between ages 13-15, these visits typically do not include a pelvic exam. This first visit is to allow the young woman to become familiar with a gynecologist and provide health guidance, screening, and preventive health services.



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