Preparing for Labor

Preparing for the big day… what to pack for the hospital

  • Insurance card, driver’s license, picture ID
  • Toiletries–toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face soap, lotion, a nail file or nail clippers and lip balm (lip balm is a life-saver during labor)
  • Hair ties– if you have long hair
  • Pillow– some women like to have their own pillows, but be forewarned that labor is messy
  • Socks, Slippers, or Flip-flops– Socks to wear during labor and then slippers or flip-flops to wear afterwards
  • iPod or music player
  • Camera or video camera– To capture important moments and memories
  • Baby book- the nurses can put your baby’s footprints in the book
  • Robe and pajamas/sleepwear- If you want to wear your own sleepwear after delivery (otherwise, you will be given a hospital gown after labor)
  • Nursing or supportive bras
  • Going home outfit– Select a comfy maternity outfit because your baby bump won’t disappear for a few weeks.
  • Going home baby outfit– A two-piece outfit is better than a “onesie,” one-piece outfits will be uncomfortable since your baby will have his/her umbilical stump for a couple of weeks
  • A receiving blanket to swaddle your little bundle in
  • A gift for your older kids from the baby- This can really get your kids warmed up to your new arrival.
  • Anything else that will make you feel comfortable during labor.

If you know you are having a Cesarean section add a couple more outfits for you and baby as you will be in the hospital a little longer.

What not to bring:

  • Jewelry or other valuables
  • Significant amounts of cash
  • Prenatal vitamins- the hospital will provide them
  • Diapers- The hospital will provide diapers for your baby while you are there.
  • Breast pump- If you need a breast pump for any reason, the hospital can provide one

Things to have at home:

  • A bottle or two of ibuprofen
  • Large maxi pads
  • Tucks pads
  • If you had a c-section have someone pick up your prescriptions before you go home.


You will likely need these things, and it is easier to have them on hand than to pick them up after you go home from the hospital.

Also, make sure to install a baby seat in your car properly before labor. The hospital will only release the baby home in a vehicle that has an infant car seat installed correctly.

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